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Planning your financial future is not easy in today’s uncertain environment. Record-breaking government deficits, excessive money printing and spiking inflation make wealth management difficult. How can you protect your future? Gold has provided a store of value against all these economic challenges for thousands of years. Better yet, if you add gold to a retirement account with one of the top Gold IRA companies, you can compound your benefits through the power of tax deferral.

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#4 High Commendation
  Metals Selection: 83%
  Metals Value: 95%
  Storage Value: 96%
  Service Value: 98%
  Customer Satisfaction: 98%
  Speed & Efficiency: 97%
  Transparency & Trust: 97%
  Overall: 94.9%

Best Gold IRA Score 94.9


  • Ron Paul's top choice gold dealer
  • Fast and efficient service, low minimums
  • Strong focus on education, news and analysis
  • No-pressure no-obligation helpline
  • Wide range of precious metals products
  • Excellent all-rounder

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Birch Gold Positives
    • Fees waived for new qualifying accounts
    • Regular free storage offers
    • Excellent choice and value combination
    • Top quality educational materials available
    • Thousands of 5-star ratings and reviews
Birch Gold Negatives
  • No self-serve option
  • US clients only

Why Invest Through a Gold IRA?

Today, bonds do not always act as the store of value they represented in prior decades. Instead, you'll often observe bonds falling together with stocks in difficult markets. What can you do, then, to hedge your portfolio?

Gold has served as a portfolio diversifier for literally thousands of years. Gold usually tends to move independently and often rises in times of market distress. During inflationary times, gold traditionally holds its value, protecting you against the devaluation of your country's currency.

These are the reasons that many professional money managers recommend keeping a percentage of your portfolio invested in gold.

Today, that recommendation is even more critical. Thus, given the massive amount of government spending and quantitative easing of recent decades, precious metals provide one of the rare stores of value to protect you against currency debasement. Keeping an allocation to gold can help you maintain peace of mind during uncertain times.

Money is gold, and nothing else. If a man had the credit, and I had the money, his customer would be badly off.”

– JP Morgan

Why Consider Birch Gold Group for a Gold IRA?

Choosing a precious metal dealer for your gold investment is an important decision. You need a firm with stability and excellent customer service so you can feel confident about your account. Further, with a gold IRA, you need the firm to be knowledgeable enough to help you avoid mistakes so you don't lose those valuable tax benefits.

Birch Gold continues to be one of our top 5 gold IRA companies. For 2024, we’ve ranked them at number five though they're in line to overtake our number four company American Hartford Gold.

Benefits of Choosing Birch Gold as Your Partner

  • No high-pressure sales tactics. One noteworthy aspect of Birch Gold is that as a smaller firm, they avoid high-pressure sales. They prefer to lead with education and service. Many customers appreciate this low-key approach.
  • In-house IRA department. The Birch Gold team has significant experience helping customers establish and maintain Gold IRAs. The company has a dedicated IRA department, with staff ready to answer your questions and ensure the account setup is done correctly.
  • Allows Roth or traditional Gold IRAs. Birch Gold can help you set up a traditional or a Roth Gold IRA. With the Roth option, you can forgo the tax deduction and invest after-tax dollars. Then, your entire account grows tax-free, and there is no tax on withdrawals in retirement.
  • Lower minimum account requirements. Birch Gold will allow you to purchase directly or through an IRA starting at $10,000, which is well below some of the other firm’s requirements.
  • Variety of precious metals. Birch Gold lets you go beyond just buying gold for your IRA. In addition to a gold investment, you can add silver, platinum or palladium bars and coins to your self–directed account.
  • Experienced team. The company has served over 13,000 customers, so they have the experience to provide expert assistance. Their team also includes professionals who brought previous financial knowledge from companies such as Citigroup and Dun & Bradstreet. Most importantly, they do a significant amount of gold-backed IRA business, so they can help you set up the account. They also work with high-quality custodians and depositories to ensure your account and your metals are properly maintained and safeguarded.

Birch Gold Group Reviews

The Birch Gold Group has been a pleasure to work with in obtaining my precious metals for security…the professional attitudes and confidence displayed make Birch Gold Group a ‘GOLD STANDARD'.”

J. Brown

Google Reviews

As someone who is exploring options for my IRA, I have to say I wholeheartedly recommend contacting Birch Gold and discussing possibility of rolling over into precious metals…”

Anna C.


I was fortunate to have picked the Birch Gold Group to aid and assist me through my purchase. They answered every question and helped me with which investment would be a proper fit for my situation.”

H. Brown

Google Reviews

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Rating Details

As part of our ranking process for the top Gold IRA companies, we research customer reviews on several independent, reputable customer rating websites. Here are more details on our findings for Birch Gold.

  • Better Business Bureau. Birch Gold has received an A+ rating from this organization. The company also maintains a 4.55 (out of 5) customer rating on the Better Business Bureau website as of the review date. As a nonprofit organization, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is dedicated to helping people objectively resolve issues with businesses.
  • Trustlink. As of our review date, Birch Gold was rated as 4.9 out of 5 stars on Trustlink, based on 135 reviews. Trustlink is an independent platform that considers reviews verified when it can confirm that the author did business with the company.
  • Google My Business. Birch Gold holds a 4.7 out of 5 rating on the well-trafficked GoogleMyBusiness search engine. This is based on 277 ratings as of the date of our review.
  • Business Consumer Alliance. Birch Gold is top-rated (AAA) by the BCA, a former Southern California branch of the Better Business Bureau.

These reviews led us to rank Birch Gold as #5 of the five best Gold IRA companies for 2024.

Birch Gold IRA Review of Fees and Costs

With Birch Precious Metals, you can either purchase gold coins for cash or setup your account as a Self-directed Gold IRA. Here is our review of their fees and costs.

(Please note that fee information is current as of this review.)

Birch Gold IRA Review of Fees and Costs

Fees and Costs Related to Birch Gold IRAs

Like all of our top-ranked Gold IRA companies, Birch Gold has fair pricing. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Birch Gold has a $10,000 minimum for either a direct (cash) gold investment or a Gold IRA. (This is much lower than some other top Gold IRA companies.)
  • A one-time setup fee of $50 applies for a precious metal IRA.
  • If you fund your account with a wire transfer, then a $30 fee applies.
  • Your annual fees for a Gold IRA may vary based on the custodian and depository you use. However, these are the most common:
  • ➤ Storage/insurance annual fee $100
    ➤ Account management fee $100
    ➤ Note: Equity Trust Company annual management fee is $125

  • For transfers of $50,000 or more, Birch Gold will cover your first year’s annual fees.

To get started, visit Birch Gold’s website here. Don’t forget to request their free self-directed precious metal IRA kit.

Once you order the complimentary kit, you'll be contacted by a Birch specialist to discuss your goals and answer your questions.

Promotions Currently Available at Birch Gold Group:

  • Get up to $10,000 in free precious metals on qualified purchases.
  • For transfers or purchases exceeding $50,000, Birch Gold will cover your fees for the first year.
  • Special savings are available on selected bullion products (inquire for current offers)

How to claim: Just mention these promotions to your Birch Gold Precious Metals Specialist for more information when visiting with them to customize your free gold kit.

Company History

Birch Gold Group is a privately-held company specializing in gold, silver, platinum and palladium investments. Founded in 2013, the firm has its headquarters in Burbank, California, adjacent to Warner Brothers Studios.

Birch Gold Group, since its establishment, commits to offering quality investments within a comprehensive service framework. The company has grown into a leading provider in the industry, employing over 60 people.

Why Consider Birch Gold for your Gold IRA?

Investing in gold is a time-tested strategy for protecting your assets during times of market volatility, inflation and financial uncertainty. A gold-backed IRA takes this strategy one step further, allowing you to hold gold and other precious metals in a tax-advantaged manner.

Birch Gold can help you arrange everything properly so you maximize the benefits of your investment. Here are four reasons why gold is a wise choice in today's climate:

  1. Gold is a time trusted store of value. Gold has served as a store of value for millennia, providing stability in times of economic upheaval.
  2. Gold is one of the few hedges against inflation, preserving your purchasing power over long periods.
  3. Gold is a universal store of value. Unlike the U.S. dollar (and other currencies), it is not subject to the whims or actions of any one government.
  4. Gold is an effective diversification tool. This major characteristic helps reduce risk and smooth out returns.

Investing in a Gold IRA with Birch Gold Group allows you to take advantage of all these benefits while getting the most favorable tax treatment possible.

What is the Process to Establish a Gold IRA with Birch Gold?

Gold IRAs are less common than stock or mutual fund IRAs, so it's essential to find a provider who understands the specific regulations that apply to these accounts. Birch Gold is one of the industry's top-rated providers of gold-backed IRAs. They make the process smooth and straightforward so that you can feel confident about your decision. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1. Start a New Self-Directed Gold IRA

As a first step, you will need to create a new self-directed gold IRA to hold your precious metals. If you plan to fund this new account by rolling over an existing 401(k), arrange that now too. Your assigned specialist at Birch Gold will assist you in filling out the paperwork correctly. Additionally, for specific tax queries, they may refer you to your tax provider.

Step 2. Select your Custodian

Second, you will be tasked with choosing a custodian for the account. The IRS regulations require that the custodian for an IRA be a different firm. Your Birch Gold representative will recommend custodians and help you choose which one is best for you.

Step 3. Purchase Your Precious Metals

Next, you are ready to choose the specific investments for your new Gold IRA. You must choose only from an IRA-approved list of metals that meet the IRS's standards for purity and other characteristics. Your Birch Gold advisor will recommend precious metals that meet these requirements.

Step 4. Arrange Storage for Your Metals

Your last step is to select the depository for your gold and metals. Birch Gold will recommend certain depositories that meet its standards. These are chosen based on security, reliability and value. All of these locations are purpose-built facilities that specialize in securing and safeguarding physical assets using state-of-the-art technology.

That's a summary of the four steps involved. Please be aware that sometimes it can take a few weeks to get through all the steps.

How do I Rollover an Existing Retirement Account to a Gold IRA?

If you have an existing retirement account that is eligible to be rolled over, there is a process for you to put that into a gold-backed IRA. The process is not a complex one. However, regulations must be followed closely, or you can risk significant penalties.

Your Birch Gold representative can help walk you through the process to ensure it is done correctly.

One aspect to be careful of is to avoid taking possession of the funds yourself. If you do, you have a fixed timeline to move the funds into a new IRA or risk very high penalties. You can avoid this by directing the old custodian to transfer the account directly to the new IRA custodian. Fortunately, your Birch Gold advisor can help you through the entire process to avoid expensive mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Birch Gold:

How is Birch Gold different from other providers?

As a smaller firm than some of the other top Gold IRA companies, they take a more consultative approach. So there's very little pressure. Instead, you’ll find a focus on education. Many investors appreciate that style and wish to avoid pressure, which is a big differentiator.

What precious metal products does Birch Gold sell?

Birch Gold sells gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Platinum and palladium are often sought out as industrial metals, which can help you further diversify your precious metals holdings.

Why don’t most financial advisors recommend physical precious metals?

On the institutional side, many professional money managers do recommend that all portfolios have some allocation to gold or precious metals.

However, when it comes to retail investing, many financial advisors don’t share that view. Unfortunately, the typical assets-under-management billing structure of retail financial advisors often incentivizes them to recommend strategies that increase the amount you have in accounts under their management.

Since most retail financial advisor custodians don’t offer physical precious metals, they are not compensated for that advice. Fortunately, that doesn't apply to all advisors. Some retail financial advisors understand the importance of precious metals and will recommend an appropriate allocation.

How secure are the metals I purchase through a Birch Gold IRA?

There are many checks and balances when you open a Gold-backed IRA with Birch Gold.

First, as part of the process, you will select an IRA-approved custodian. These financial institutions oversee the account and ensure all IRS regulations are followed.

Then, your metals will be stored in an approved depository. These venues provide safekeeping through physical security plus state-of-the-art technology. These depositories also typically provide insurance against common losses.

What happens when I want to withdraw from a Gold IRA in retirement?

Just like in a regular IRA, you will likely be subject to “required minimum distributions” or RMDs once you reach age 72. The IRS requires these so people cannot avoid taxes indefinitely on these retirement accounts.

Whether you are required to do an RMD or just want to start taking distributions in retirement, you have two choices. One option is to sell some of your metals and withdraw cash. The second choice is an “in-kind distribution” where you physically take possession of some of your gold.

Please note that with a traditional Gold IRA, you will still be liable for income taxes on these withdrawals. Your Birch Gold specialist can help you learn more about this and help you arrange this process.

Are Gold IRAs subject to RMD (Required Minimum Distributions)?

Gold IRAs are subject to required minimum distribution requirements (RMDs), just as any other IRA account would be. Please note that RMDs do not necessarily apply if you have a Roth Gold IRA since you contributed after-tax dollars. However, if you inherit a Roth IRA, you may be subject to different requirements. Please see your tax advisor for details.

What should I consider when choosing a precious metals company for my Gold IRA?

In our opinion, it's best to go with top-rated Gold IRA companies. Since it is a financial investment, there is simply too much at stake to take a chance on a newer or unproven provider. Instead, you can follow these tips to pick a firm who will be a reliable long-term partner.

  • Stick with companies that have significant experience in Gold IRAs. These are different than traditional IRAs and do have some complexity. If the account setup is incorrectly, you risk losing tax benefits or facing penalties. Therefore look for leading firms with dedicated Gold IRA departments, such as Birch Gold Group.
  • Always review a firm’s customer ratings before doing business with them. A firm can be competent, but if their service is not up to par, it may create unnecessary frustration or uncertainty for you. So, examine the reviews of these firms on major independent consumer rating sites like GoogleMyBusiness, Better Business Bureau, and Trustlink. Naturally, even the most established firms can expect the occasional negative review. But a pattern of unhappy customers can signal deeper issues or potential financial instability.
  • Always look for firms that are upfront and transparent about fees. Hidden fees can be an annoyance and may eat into your investment profitability, so you want to look for firms that clearly explain all fees and costs involved.

In conclusion, are you ready to start with a Gold IRA? Reach out to Birch Gold Group today and receive a free gold kit to familiarize yourself. There's no cost and, of course, no obligation.

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