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In today's precarious financial environment, investing in gold can be an intelligent decision. For centuries, gold has offered investors a safe haven to help protect against rising inflation, currency debasement and financial shocks. Working with one of the top Gold IRA companies can help you safely and easily add this unique asset class to your portfolio. Even better, using a self-directed retirement account for this purpose can help you enhance your investment by harnessing powerful tax advantages.

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#5 High Commendation
  Metals Selection: 81%
  Metals Value: 90%
  Storage Value: 96%
  Service Value: 97%
  Customer Satisfaction: 96%
  Speed & Efficiency: 96%
  Transparency & Trust: 95%
  Overall: 93%

Best Gold IRA Score 93


  • Personal Service from a Small Family Company
  • Wide Selection of Precious Metals
  • Special Offers on Storage and Low Fees
  • 401k Rollover Specialists
  • Strong Focus on Customer Education
  • Small Team of Dedicated Experts

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Noble Gold Positives
  • 20+ Years Expertise with Gold & Silver
  • Highest Level Customer Care
  • No-Qualms Buyback Policy
  • Top experienced Precious Metals Specialists
  • Top Notch Security
Noble Gold Negatives
  • No International Storage Options
  • U.S. Residents Only

Why Open a Gold-backed IRA?

In the past, you could put money into bonds to diversify and stabilize your portfolio. Today, with changing interest rates, bonds don't usually offer that same security. Meanwhile, stocks and other asset classes often experience profound volatility. Where can you turn to hedge your portfolio and safeguard your wealth?

For thousands of years, investors have used gold to help secure their wealth in uncertain times.

As an independent and universal currency, gold isn’t subject to the whims of any one government. Further, it tends to move differently than stocks and bonds, helping stabilize your wealth in volatile markets. That’s why many professional money managers recommend that investors maintain a reasonable allocation to gold at all times.

Today, this gold exposure is more important than ever. Given recent extensive money printing, rising inflation and growing government deficits, few assets can provide you the peace of mind that physical gold can.

Money is gold, and nothing else. If a man had the credit, and I had the money, his customer would be badly off.”

– JP Morgan

Why Work with Noble Gold Investments?

We’ve ranked Noble Gold as #5 of our top Gold IRA companies. While all five are sound choices, Noble Gold has some significant differences that make it a good choice for many investors.

  • No-qualms buyback policy. Most investors primarily use stocks, which can be sold at a touch of the sell button or with a quick call to a financial advisor. Physical precious metals are different. You must find a buyer, then coordinate payment and safe physical metals transfer. Noble Gold offers its customers a unique no-qualms buyback program. They will always buy back your metals at spot price, no questions asked. This avoids hassles and provides immediate liquidity if and when you need it.
  • Lowest minimum investment. Other top Gold IRA companies have high minimums, but not Noble Gold. Instead, they require just a $2,000 minimum investment in a gold-backed IRA or direct (cash) purchase. This can make this gold investment much more accessible for newer investors.
  • Proof of purchase. Because you are buying physical assets, many investors are concerned that they may not be getting what they expect. Noble Gold will provide you photographic proof of your purchase as it is being placed in a depository to alleviate this fear. There is no charge for this, and it can help you feel peace of mind that the gold you bought is indeed being put in a secure location.
  • Specialized expertise in metals and Gold IRAs. The team at Noble Gold brings 20 years of combined experience with precious metals. It has collectively secured over $200 million in metals for its clients. They also are a trusted resource for financial advisors, estate planning attorneys and certified public accountants in the precious metals arena.
  • Royal survival packs. Noble Gold Investments offers unique Royal Survival Packs in varying sizes. These packages include different types of well-known precious metals that could easily be exchanged for goods and services in emergencies. This can be convenient when you're busy but want to be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Great customer care. Like all the choices on our top Gold IRA companies list, Noble Gold Investments offers stellar customer service, as evidenced by their customer ratings.

For these reasons, Noble Gold Investments makes for an excellent candidate when evaluating top gold IRA companies.  They are well-positioned to help you set up your Gold IRA account right.  As importantly, they are easy to work with.  To learn more and get started, visit their website.  As with our other four picks, it's a good idea to request their free Gold & Silver Investment Guide.

After you contact them, one of their specialists will be in touch.  In this call, they can arrange to ship your free kit and answer any initial questions you have about the service.

Noble Gold Reviews

I was so relieved when Maria from Noble Gold was able to sort out my delivery problem with UPS. She encouraged UPS to deliver my package within a small window of time when I knew the package could be accepted. It worked out well. Thank you N G for following up and persevering !! A Repeat Customer Alex”

Alexandra H.

BBB Accredited Business

I highly recommend Noble Gold! The rollover process, and purchasing precious metals for my new IRA went very smooth. Yale and Alicia were awesome to work with and very knowledgeable. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Kris L.


I heard about noble gold thru buck Sexton and I compared a few co. but noble seemed straight up fair and better run. I received attentive care both from Andrew and Alicea and am very pleased to be a client . Ty guys”

Ginger C.


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Rating Details

Each year, we rank the best Gold IRA companies. Our research thoroughly reviews the firm's ratings on leading consumer rating platforms. Here is more detail on what we found on Noble Gold Investments.

  • Better Business Bureau. Noble Gold Investments has an A+ rating from the BBB. It has been accredited since 2017. It also carries a 5-star (out of 5) rating based on 50 customer reviews. If you're unfamiliar with it, the BBB is a nonprofit dedicated to helping businesses and their customers resolve issues equitably and efficiently.
  • Trustlink. Noble Gold is rated 5 out of 5 stars on TrustLink based on 123 customer reviews (as of the date of our research). TrustLink is a platform that provides a starting point for consumer research. It only considers reviews verified when it can confirm that the review's author actually conducted business with the firm.
  • Google My Business. Noble Gold holds a 4.9 out of a possible 5 rating on Google's search engine. This rating is calculated based on 242 ratings as of the date of our review.
  • Business Consumer Alliance. Noble Gold is rated AA by BCA, a former branch of the Better Business Bureau. The AA rating is listed as an extremely high rating. While it is not the top AAA rating, this organization notes that the difference between AA and AAA “is not significant.”

That research lead to our ranking of the firm as the #5 of our top Gold IRA companies for 2022.

Noble Gold Investments Gold IRA Review of Fees and CostsNoble Gold Investments Gold IRA Review of Fees and Costs

Noble Gold Investments offers gold and other precious metals either for direct cash purchase or through a self-directed IRA. Please contact the firm directly if you are considering a cash (non-IRA) purchase. Here is our review of their fees and costs.

(Please note that fee information is current as of this review.)

Noble Gold Investments uses the services of International Depository Services in Dallas, TX as their primary storage facility.

Fees and Costs Related to Noble Gold IRAs

Like all of our top-ranked Gold IRA companies, Noble Gold has fair pricing. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Noble Gold Investments has a $2,000 minimum for either a direct (cash) gold investment or a Gold IRA. (This is much lower than some other top Gold IRA companies.)
  • There is a recurring annual fee of $80. Storage is $150 per year if you store in Texas or Delaware.
  • This cost includes secure segregated storage of your physical precious metals, insurance, and access to your online account which provides real-time tracking of your assets.
  • Please note there are companies advertising that the fees are $160 per year. That is not segregated storage but commingled storage at the depository.
  • Noble Gold Investments does not recommend commingled storage as an option as it does not give you full ownership of the metal. Please visit with your Noble Gold Investments Precious Metals Specialist for more information.

To get started, visit Noble Gold’s website here. Don’t forget to request their free self-directed precious metal IRA kit.

Once you order the complimentary kit, you'll be contacted by a Noble Gold Investments specialist to discuss your goals and answer your questions.

Current Promotions Available with Noble Gold Investments:

  • Qualifying accounts are eligible for up to $500 in free silver
  • Noble will pay your first year's fees on qualifying accounts

How To Claim: Just mention these promotions when talking to any Noble Gold representative.

Ready to get started? Visit the Noble Gold Investments website. Don’t forget to request their Gold and Silver Investment Guide. It's complimentary and can help you get up to speed on how to buy precious metals safely.

History of Noble Gold Investments

The firm was founded in 2017 by industry veterans Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume. For more than two decades, Noble Gold has been a top Gold IRA company, providing families with a secure way to save for long-term financial goals.

Noble Gold offers a variety of precious metals and Gold IRA products and services. They also facilitate Gold IRA rollovers for those who want to move their existing retirement savings into a gold-backed IRA. Noble Gold has a team of experienced and knowledgeable specialists who can help you choose the suitable gold investment for your needs.

The firm is headquartered in Pasadena, California, and remains dedicated to education and customer service. Noble Gold remains a solid choice if you're looking for a top Gold IRA company.

Why Choose Noble Gold Investments for a Self-Directed IRA?

Adding gold to your portfolio is a time-tested strategy to help safeguard your wealth. Many people find that holding their gold in a tax-advantaged vehicle, such as a self-directed gold-backed IRA, makes the strategy even more effective.

Especially during turbulent times, increasing your holdings of physical gold and precious metals can create peace of mind. Noble Gold Investments specializes in helping people do just that. Whether you buy direct or go with a gold IRA, the company can help you do it right so you maintain all tax benefits.

As specialist providers, they also focus on education and assistance, so you can feel comfortable with your investment. This hands-on, full-service approach is perfect for investors new to precious metals, as there are significant differences between investing in stocks, bonds or mutual funds and physical metals.

  1. Investing fads come and go, but gold has been viewed as a valuable asset for thousands of years. It can serve as a stable investment in times of economic crisis and political strife. People often turn to gold during these difficult times to help stabilize and protect their wealth.
  2. Gold has historically helped people fight off the ravages of inflation. Holding an allocation to gold can help preserve your purchasing power now and in the future.
  3. As a universal currency, gold provides a store of value independent of government actions and policies. By holding gold, you can free yourself from the volatility and conversion issues of many national currencies like the U.S. Dollar.
  4. Gold is recognized for its ability to diversify your portfolio. That’s because it is non-correlated, which means it tends to move independently of stocks and bonds. Keeping a percentage of your portfolio in gold can help smooth out your returns over long periods.

By choosing Noble Gold to set up an IRA, you can realize all these benefits while lowering your tax burden on your gold investment.

Setting up a Gold IRA with Noble Gold Investments

Regular individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, are quite common. There’s nothing unusual about them, so they are relatively easy and quick to set up. Self-directed Gold IRAs, on the other hand, are less common. They require you to follow some precise regulations. If you make a mistake, you can risk the loss of tax benefits or incur steep penalties.

That’s why it is essential to do it right. We recommend only working with the top Gold IRA companies, such as Noble Gold Investments. They have extensive experience forming and maintaining these gold-backed retirement accounts.

Here are the general steps involved in setting up a Gold IRA.

Step 1. Fill out the Paperwork for your New Account

First, you will need to open a new self-directed Gold IRA account to hold the precious metals you intend to purchase. If you are rolling over (converting) an existing retirement account, arrange this now. Your Noble Gold representative will help you complete the paperwork correctly and may recommend consulting your tax professional for any technical tax advice.

Step 2. Select a Custodian for the Gold IRA

The IRS requires that you utilize an approved, independent custodian to administer the account. Your Noble Gold Investments representative will recommend suitable options.

Step 3. Buy the Gold (and other Precious Metals) for the Account

Next, you will select the investments you want to put into the Gold IRA. Only certain metal coins and bars are allowed based on IRS regulations that include purity standards. Your account representative will help you select metals that meet these requirements.

Step 4. Select a Storage Facility for Your Precious Metals

Your final step will be to choose where your gold will be stored. Noble Gold will help you select an appropriate storage location. They partner with purpose-built depositories that employ state-of-the-art security and technology to keep your assets safe. Noble Gold will arrange secured shipping for you. In addition, they will send you photographic proof of your metal’s transfer at the storage location, so you can be sure it arrived safely.

That's the entire process. Just be aware that these steps can sometimes take a few weeks from start to finish.

Frequently asked questions about Noble Gold Investments:

How do I Roll Over an Existing Account to a Gold IRA?

Rolling over a retirement account into a new IRA is generally straightforward. Still, following the steps carefully is essential to avoid penalties or losing any tax benefits. That's why it is best to work directly with the Noble Gold team to ensure it is done right.

If you have funds from your previous retirement account sent directly to you, there is a fixed time during which you must re-deposit them in the new IRA. If you are late, the penalties can be steep. You can avoid this by arranging a direct transfer from one custodian to another. This minimizes the risk of a simple mistake creating a tax problem for you. Rely on your Noble Gold representative to guide you and help avoid unnecessary problems.

Why would Noble Gold be a good choice for me?

Any of our top Gold IRA companies are quality choices, but Noble may be ideal for you if you want to start with a smaller account. That's because they have a very low minimum of $2,000. They also have a no-qualms buyback policy which can help you feel confident if you ever need to quickly liquidate your holdings. Additionally, they are very experienced with self-directed Gold IRAs, making them a good choice if you’re interested in that type of retirement account. One last unique aspect of Noble Gold is their Royal Survival Packs, which allow you to quickly prepare for emergency situations.

Which precious metals does Noble Gold sell?

Noble Gold offers gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars and coins. Only bars and coins of sufficient purity are allowed as investments in a gold-backed IRA.

What is the advantage of buying physical gold instead of a Gold ETF?

Today, there are some exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) that are offered as an alternative to holding physical precious metals. However, these come with their own risks and complications. First, most people buy physical precious metals because there is no counterparty risk. No bank or government can tamper with your gold. But with these ETFs, there are many parties involved. If a severe financial crisis strikes and one party can’t or won’t fulfill their obligation, it can impact the value of your investment. A recent Forbes article outlines this and other dangers of these physical gold ETFs.

Additionally, with the popular GLD ETF, other financial professionals have warned that these funds do not have appropriate safeguards. They warn that as a result, these funds may lose value precisely at the time you need them most.

That’s why it is usually wise to stick with physical gold so these complex (and unproven) arrangements don't threaten the value of your investment

Isn’t it easier to just buy the stocks of gold miners that are already listed equities?

Yes, it can definitely be more convenient. However, the stocks of gold miners are one of the most volatile sectors in the market. Then, while you do get some movement in synch with gold prices, these companies have other pressures that can impact their pricing. The industry is a big oil user, so if the oil price goes up, that can limit their profits.

Owning physical gold is more like owning insurance. Owning shares of gold miners is not the same. In fact, holding these stocks can bring many other risks into your financial situation due to the sector's inherent volatility. For that reason, many experienced gold investors primarily buy physical metals, then hold a small allocation to gold miners if they want additional exposure.

What questions should I ask when researching Gold IRA companies?

When adding gold to your portfolio, it's essential to do your research and only work with the top-rated gold companies. Steer clear of new firms or those that offer pricing that seems too good to be true. Reputable firms do not need to resort to too much discounting, and you may put your money at risk working with unproven firms. Here are some tips for finding a firm that will serve you well and stay around for the long run.

  • We recommend starting with our top Gold IRA companies. We’ve vetted these firms based on proven history in the industry, customer feedback and other metrics.
  • Insist on firms that have demonstrated expertise in Gold IRAs. You don't want to risk losing tax benefits or penalties, and these accounts have specific regulations.
  • Always pay attention to the company's customer ratings before working with them. Given your money is at stake, you can’t afford to work with a firm where customers are dissatisfied. A lack of customer service could end up being an inconvenience for you, or worse, it could mean an unethical or financially unstable business. Of course, firms that have been in business for many years can expect the occasional negative review, but look for overall high ratings and avoid those with patterns of recent complaints.
  • Look for Gold IRA companies that are transparent with their fees and costs. Sound, reputable firms can afford to be clear about their prices. If there is a free giveaway or other tactics that seem too good to be true, you’ll probably pay more elsewhere to make up for it.

Ready to get started with a gold-backed IRA? Get in touch with Noble Gold Investments today to order their free Gold and Silver Investment Guide. There's no cost and absolutely no obligation.

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