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Choose a starting year from the last quarter-century and a financial amount to calculate inflation using our innovative Purchasing Power Calculator.

Our purchasing power calculator will project the present+ value of your selected amount, comparing its worth if kept in cash, invested in precious metals, or placed in well-known blue-chip++ stocks.

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Can Precious Metals Protect Against Inflation?

Many hold the view that gold and similar precious metals act as a hedge against inflation, effectively securing your future buying capacity. However, is this assertion accurate?

In an inflation-free environment, the value of a dollar would remain consistent over time. Yet, in our current economy, we witness ongoing price increases, leading to a steady decrease in the dollar's purchasing power.

Gold for Retirement Nest Eggs

Utilizing the purchasing power calculator illustrates that cash savings erode in value over time due to inflation.

To maintain your existing wealth, your investments should counteract inflation, guaranteeing that your buying power remains consistent over time. Genuine financial gain occurs when your investments not only preserve but increase your purchasing power.

About the Purchasing Power Calculator

+The Inflation-Adjusted Purchasing Power Calculator, provided by Best 5 Gold IRA Companies, serves an educational and informational purpose. Its projections and calculations rely on historical trends and are not indicative of future performance in gold or other investments. The calculator's estimates are based on historical gold data from 1998 to 2023, as well as stock index figures and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the same timeframe. Grasping that historical performance does not guarantee future outcomes is essential. The price of gold and other investment vehicles can vary significantly. Actual historical performance of precious metals and stocks in your portfolio may vary from these estimates, which do not consider fees related to management, storage, or premiums on certain precious metal investments.

Additionally, this purchasing power calculator does not offer personalized financial guidance and overlooks individual financial situations or investment objectives. Any decisions made from this tool's results are your responsibility. Best 5 Gold IRA Companies is not accountable for any financial losses or profits arising from this tool's use. We strongly advocate for consulting with a professional financial advisor to make informed investment decisions, as they can provide bespoke advice and a detailed investment strategy that matches your goals and risk appetite.

++ The inclusion of the S&P 500 and Dow Jones indexes in this tool stems from their established status and functionality as financial indicators. Their presence is meant to demonstrate possible market trends over time, not to serve as specific investment recommendations or endorsements.

About Our Risk Example

The reference to the Silicon Valley Bank stock is used as an illustrative risk of investing in individual stocks. It underscores that investments in stocks can, and sometimes do, become entirely worthless, stressing the need for comprehensive research and understanding of the risks tied to paper assets.

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