Retirement Calculator: Gold and Non-Gold Retirement Accounts

Enter your approximate figures and projected rate of return into the retirement calculator as you prepare for retirement.

Then, the retirement calculator will calculate* the potential final value of your account without gold, and it will contrast this with accounts holding a 5%, 10%, and 20% allocation in gold throughout the entire period.

Retirement Calculator

Retirement Calculator Results*

Regular IRA/401k

5% Gold

10% Gold

20% Gold

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Comparing Gold IRA and Standard 401k/IRA Management Expenses

Be aware that the retirement calculator excludes management expenses or other associated fees, which for conventional 401ks or IRAs with paper assets, can vary between 0.5% and 5%, depending on the total assets and the range of services provided.

These fees can notably impact your annual returns, especially when these returns are less than the usual 5% average.

Gold IRAs, or IRAs that include a substantial investment in physical gold, are also subject to management and storage fees.

Retirement Calculator - Precious Metals IRA Fees

However, many of our top-rated gold IRA providers offer fixed annual fees rather than percentage-based, usually ranging from $80 to $250, with some top firms eliminating set-up or storage fees altogether.

About the Retirement Calculator

*Best 5 Gold IRA Companies presents the Gold IRA Retirement Calculator solely for informational and educational purposes. The estimates and calculations are rooted in historical data, and they do not assure future performance of gold or other investment types. This calculator derives its data from the historical annual performance of gold from 1969 to 2023. Understanding that past performance is not a dependable indicator of future results is crucial. The market value of gold and investment assets can experience wide fluctuations. Our calculator employs historical data averages to formulate future performance projections, which should not be seen as definite forecasts. The actual performance of your gold holdings and IRA may differ greatly from our estimates.

Additionally, this retirement calculator does not deliver personalized financial advice and overlooks individual financial circumstances or investment objectives. The choice to act on the findings of this tool rests entirely with you. Best 5 Gold IRA Companies is not responsible for any financial losses or profits derived from its use. You should have a discussion with a financial advisor before you make your investment choices. An expert can provide customized advice and develop a comprehensive investment plan that meets your goals and risk acceptance.

** The estimated average annual return of 5% is based on aggregated data from the past five years, collected from various leading 401k and IRA providers.

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