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If you're looking to protect your financial future, adding gold to your portfolio is a smart move. Gold has provided investors with a reliable store of value for thousands of years, withstanding financial crises, inflation and other economic shocks. Working with American Hartford Gold can help you realize even more benefits by capturing the power of tax deferral.

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#3 Lower Minimum Order
  Metals Selection: 82%
  Metals Value: 91%
  Storage Value: 95%
  Service Value: 98%
  Customer Satisfaction: 100%
  Speed & Efficiency: 99%
  Transparency & Trust: 100%
  Overall: 95%

Best Gold IRA Score 95


  • BBB A+ rating, 5-star Trustpilot rating, Thousands of 5-star reviews.
  • Inc. 5000’s 2021 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies
  • Recommended by Bill O'Reilly, Rick Harrison and Lou Dobbs.
  • Ideal for an entry-level budget

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American Harford Positives
  • $5,000 minimum for direct purchases
  • Competitive Buyback Program
  • White-Glove Customer Service
  • Consistently rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau
  • Established and trusted company since 2015
  • Over $2 Billion in Precious Metals Delivered Since 2015
American Hartford Negatives
  • $10,000 minimum for Gold IRAs

Why Consider a Precious Metals IRA?

In today's world, few safe havens for your money exist. Stocks are volatile, and bonds may not offer you the protection you'd like in a low or rising yield environment. Therefore, where can you turn to hedge your portfolio and protect your money in this uncertain climate?

Gold has represented a store of stable value for thousands of years. During times of inflation, gold is one of the few asset classes that thrive, helping protect you against the devaluation of your currency. That’s why many professional portfolio managers recommend that you keep a portion of your portfolio invested in gold.

In today’s unusual climate, a gold investment is more critical than ever. Indeed, with money printing, inflation and unrestrained government spending, maintaining some gold in your overall holdings can provide significant peace of mind.

Money is gold, and nothing else. If a man had the credit, and I had the money, his customer would be badly off.”

– JP Morgan

Why Consider American Hartford for a Gold IRA?

Your choice of a provider for a gold-backed IRA is an important one. First, you should look for a firm with enough experience to ensure they can help you do it right. Otherwise, you risk penalties or loss of tax benefits. Also, you need a firm that’s reliable and recognized for excellent customer service.

An excellent contender compared to the higher minimum Augusta Precious Metals and Goldco, you’ll find that with American Hartford Gold, our number four choice on our top gold IRA companies list. It’s definitely a safe choice based on size and past performance. In fact, this firm was the nation’s biggest retailer of gold and silver in 2021 and have delivered over $1 billion in precious metals to customers.

Here are the benefits of choosing this firm as your provider:

  • Buyback commitment. While stocks can be sold with the touch of a button, selling precious metals is very different. You need to find a willing buyer and physically transfer the metals to them. American Hartford offers a unique buyback commitment so you will always have a hassle-free way to sell your metals. This policy assures you can easily and quickly sell with no liquidation fees. Hence, that buyback commitment can provide peace of mind should you ever want or need to sell quickly.
  • Transparency. This team has a commitment to being transparent with pricing and fees so you know exactly what you can expect to pay. This is welcome, since hidden costs can be irritating and can eat into your profits. Their straightforward, clear pricing provided up front helps ensure a smooth buying experience.
  • IRA expertise. Along with our other top Gold IRA companies, American Hartford’s staff has significant knowledge on precious metal IRAs. Their team is always available to help walk you through the process and answer your questions. After your account is set up, they remain at your service so you can always feel confident about your holdings.
  • The right experience. As leaders in the gold investment field, American Hartford has helped many people over the years with their purchases. Their team is well-trained and knowledgeable.
  • Excellent service ratings. American Hartford Gold holds at A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is 5-star rated on TrustPilot. Thus, as evidenced by their many client reviews, they keep their customers happy.

American Hartford Gold Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed talking to their gold brokers as they educated on the reasons why investing in gold was such a great option for me. I spoke to other companies that really hounded me for the sale (and still do!) but at Hartford Gold, they took the time to explain everything to me and made me feel comfortable investing my future with them.”

Fernando V.


I felt that I was treated with the utmost care. You people made me feel as if I was their only customer. Steve spent a lot of time trying to get my money out of B of A. His diligence paid off. I would recommend Hartford gold group to everyone. Thank you all.”



The team at Hartford Gold Group was very pleasant and they treated me like a human being. Their knowledge for the process and their product was well handled and I didn't worry about a thing. Keep up the good work.”


Consumer Affairs

Rating Details

Every year, we go through a process to rank the top Gold IRA companies. This research includes a review of customer ratings on some of the leading platforms. Therefore, here are more details of our findings for American Hartford Gold.

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB). American Hartford Gold has maintained an A+ rating from this organization since 2016. They also have a 4.89 out of 5 customer rating as of our review date. The BBB is a not-for-profit organization that helps consumers and businesses resolve conflicts and improve communication.
  • TrustPilot. TrustPilot is a leading online review website. This platform is known for its zero-tolerance approach to manipulation and false reviews. As of the date of our research, American Hartford Gold holds a 4.9 out of 5 star rating based on 1,200 reviews.

Our research and these reviews led us to rank American Hartford number three of the five top Gold IRA companies for 2024.

American Hartford Gold IRA Review of Fees and CostsAmerican Hartford Gold IRA Review of Fees and Costs

With American Hartford Gold, you can either purchase gold coins for cash or setup your account as a Self-directed Gold IRA. Thus, here is our review of their fees and costs.

(Please note that fee information is current as of this review.)

American Hartford Gold IRAs Fees and Costs

Like our other four top-rated Gold IRA companies, American Hartford has reasonable pricing. Here are the general fees and costs you can expect.

For a precious metals IRA, your fees will vary based on your choice of IRA custodian.

The company primarily works with Strata Trust Company. However, please inquire if you are interested in working with a different custodian.

Gold IRA Fees

  • One-time setup fee: the company is one the few that does not charge a setup fee
  • Annual fee: estimated at $75 for accounts valued at $100,000 or less, or $125 for accounts valued at $100,001 or more
  • Storage fees: estimated at $100 per year

Also, American Hartford has a Gold IRA minimum of $10,000. On the other hand, the minimum for a cash purchase is $2,500.

To get started, visit the American Hartford Gold website. Be sure to request their complimentary Gold and Silver Information Guide.

It’s free and can help you learn more about the process of adding precious metals to your portfolio.

Promotions Currently Available at American Hartford Gold:

  • Get up to $10,000 in FREE silver when opening a qualifying account.
  • For a qualifying precious metals IRA, you can receive up to three years with no IRA fees (no transfer, storage or maintenance fees).
  • Volume Discounts are Available

How to claim: Mention these promotions when talking to any American Hartford Precious Metals Professional for details.

History of American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold is one of the best-rated Gold IRA companies based on customer rankings. Over the years, they have helped thousands of investors with their precious metal investments. Their services include the sale of physical gold, silver and platinum, along with facilitating storage and shipping.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, they are a family owned and ethically operated company. Thus, they sell only the highest quality precious metals, offered at competitive prices with a guarantee of your satisfaction.

They have been ranked as the #1 gold dealer on the prestigious Inc. 5000 2021 list of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Not surprisingly, the company is recommended by Bill O’Reilly, Rick Harrison and Lou Dobbs.

American Hartford believes it is good business to give back. They support several nonprofit organizations including The Claire Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, The Midnight Mission, Our House, A Place Called Home and No Kill Los Angeles (NKLA).

Why Choose American Hartford Gold for your Gold-Backed IRA?

With continued economic uncertainty, adding gold to your portfolio is a time-tested strategy to help safeguard your wealth. You can make that strategy even more effective by holding your gold in a tax-advantaged vehicle. For most people, that means putting it into a self-directed gold-backed IRA.

American Hartford Gold specializes in these unique retirement accounts. They can help you set up and maintain the account properly, so you get maximum benefits from your gold investment.

They also provide significant education so you feel more confident in your purchase. That is often important for newer gold investors since purchasing precious metals differs significantly from selecting stocks, bonds or ETFs.

Why is Gold a Good Choice for a Self-Directed IRA?

  1. Investment trends come and go, but gold has been a stable store of value for thousands of years. In times of economic crisis and political strife, people have turned to gold to stabilize and protect their wealth.
  2. Gold is one of the few investments which historically has helped protect portfolios from the ravages of inflation. This can help you preserve purchasing power in inflationary times.
  3. Gold acts as a universal and transferable store of value no matter where you are in the world. Thus, because it is not associated with any one nation, it is not subject to the volatility and conversion costs seen in national currencies.
  4. Gold has historically helped investors diversify since it tends to move independently of stocks and bonds. Hence, it can help you smooth out your returns over time.

By choosing a gold-backed IRA with American Hartford Gold, you can benefit from all these factors while helping lower taxes on your gold investment.

How Do You Setup a Gold IRA with American Hartford Gold?

IRAs, or Individual Retirement Accounts, are quite common. So those are very easy to set up and fund. Gold IRAs, however, are different. They have precise requirements that must be followed correctly. Otherwise, you risk penalties or loss of tax benefits.

That's why it is critical to only work with the top Gold IRA companies. Otherwise, the firm may not have the experience to do it right. American Hartford Gold, our #4 pick of top gold IRA companies, has helped thousands of people create and maintain these accounts successfully over the years.

Here are the actions involved in the setup of your gold-backed IRA:

Step 1. Create a New Self-Directed IRA Account

Your first step will be to start a new self-directed IRA that will eventually hold the gold or other precious metals you will purchase. If you’re rolling over an existing retirement account, you'll also want to arrange this now. Your American Hartford Gold account executive can help you complete the paperwork correctly to move this forward. They may also recommend consulting your tax professional for any technical tax-related questions.

Step 2. Select a Custodian

The custodian is a banking firm that will oversee the account for you. American Hartford Gold will recommend an IRA-approved custodian that fits your needs.

Step 3. Make Your Gold and Precious Metals Purchase

Third, you will be ready to choose investments for this new account. Please note that you must select only from a list of IRA-Approved metals. These will need to be bullion coins or bars that meet the IRS' standards, which relate to purity and other specific characteristics. Again, your American Hartford representative will know these restrictions and help you choose.

Step 4. Setup Storage for the Metals

Your final action will be to pick where your gold and precious metals will be stored. American Hartford Gold will recommend depositories that best you’re your needs. These are purpose-built facilities with significant security to safeguard your and other investors' assets. These locations use state-of-the-art technology to help ensure your holdings stay secure.

That is an overview of the process of creating a Gold IRA. Please be aware that this process can often take a few weeks to complete.

How Does a Rollover to a Gold IRA Work?

If your existing retirement account is eligible to be rolled over into an IRA, you must follow a specific process. It's not complex; however, it must be followed carefully, or you can risk significant penalties or loss of tax benefits.

That's where it is to your benefit to leverage American Hartford’s knowledgeable team. They can help you make sure everything is handled correctly.

When coordinating your rollover, be aware that if you have the funds sent to you, you have a fixed period when you must redeposit the funds in the new IRA. If you're late, penalties are very steep. One option to avoid this is to arrange a direct custodian to custodian transfer. That minimizes the risk of a simple mistake creating a tax problem for you. Bottom line, rely on your American Hartford Gold representative to guide you to avoid unnecessary issues or expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions about American Hartford Gold and Gold Investing:

What is unique about American Hartford Gold?

American Hartford Gold is one of our top five ranked Gold IRA companies. They stand out from others due to their buyback policy and stellar customer service record.

The buyback policy gives you peace of mind that if you ever need to sell, you can do so quickly at market rates without incurring additional fees.

What types of precious metals can I buy at American Hartford Gold?

The company sells gold, silver and platinum bars and coins.

Why should I buy physical gold instead of a simple ETF?

There are gold exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) out there that enable you to buy what seems to be an equivalent amount of precious metals with a click of a button. But be careful, as these exchange-traded funds are financial instruments and have their own risks.

This article in Forbes outlines some of the many dangers these funds carry.

One is counterparty risk. In complex financial arrangements, such as the popular GLD ETF, there are many layers of companies involved. As an investor, you rely on every one of those players to keep up their end of the arrangement. If they don’t, or cannot afford to during a financial crisis, that can mean the ETF value is not what you expect it to be if and when you need it most.

Additionally, with the GLD ETF, financial analysts have warned that these large funds do not have adequate safeguards. These professionals caution that investors may lose substantial money on these ETFs at some point.

Especially if you invest in gold to protect against extremely bad economic conditions or banking failures, those are the times when firms file for bankruptcy or cannot financially deliver on previous promises. With these financial products, you maintain (or compound) these risks.

You avoid these risks if you buy and store physical gold, as you can with a gold-backed IRA (or a direct purchase).

I've never bought metals before; how can I make sure I purchase high-quality gold?

Every investment carries risk. However, unlisted and unregulated stocks carry additional risks. Therefore, dealing with top-tier gold and silver companies is critical. You benefit most from established providers with excellent, long-standing customer reviews. It's advisable to avoid companies with negative reviews and numerous complaints.

Although even the highest-rated firms will get occasional negative reviews or complaints, look for more significant patterns. Stay with those that are rated 4 out of 5 stars or above. Any more frequency of negative ratings can mean you’re in for a frustrating experience. Worse, it can be an early sign of an unhealthy or unethical business.

What questions should I ask when looking for a precious metal dealer for my Gold IRA?

Please consider focusing only on the top-rated Gold IRA companies and avoiding lesser-known firms. Bottom line, when your money is at risk, you need to make decisions based on facts. Don't be tempted to give a newer firm or a friendly salesperson a try. Here are some tips for finding a high-quality precious metal firm.

  • Look for firms with specific expertise in Gold IRAs. If not done right, you risk penalties or loss of tax benefits. So look for firms that do this all the time, such as American Hartford Gold. Then you're not likely to skip a step or expose yourself to problems.
  • Always check out a firm’s customer ratings before doing business with them. First, you need good service to feel comfortable because your money is at stake. You also need to be able to contact the firm easily. An unresponsive firm may create unneeded stress. Even more importantly, a lack of ongoing customer service could indicate financial instability or a lack of ethics. So always consult the Better Business Bureau, TrustPilot and Google to review ratings. (Or check out our site since we review all of this to save you time.)
  • How open and straightforward is the firm about fees? Established firms don’t try to hide costs. Look for firms that are clear and transparent. That way, you avoid irritating undisclosed fees. More importantly, you can build a relationship based on trust. Strong providers don't need to play games with price; they have customers who refer friends and continue working with them year after year.

In conclusion, ready to start investing with a Gold IRA? Contact American Hartford Gold today for their free investor kit. There's no cost and absolutely no obligation.

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